There are so many golf news outlets on the internet today, but which ones are the best? As with most things online there is no easy answer. Well for the novice this is what I am going to do in this article, you probably don’t know anything about golf so I will let you figure out the rest. For starters I know there are all these golf news outlets but are they really any good? Some say yes and some say no.

My personal opinion is that if you follow the top golf sites for golf news then you should have your own golf news outlets of your own. If you don’t then go check out the blogs from some of the great golfers that we all love to read. They write, review and break down news. So, there is something out there for everybody.

Some people think that if you are really good at golf, like Tiger Woods for example then you won’t really care what else is going on in the world of golf. So, that is why I say they don’t really matter. They get the job done but doesn’t it just make more sense to read about what is going on with the big names in golf? That, and who cares if you have your own golf news outlet if you get all the information you need with a good golf blog.

Golf News Sources